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FollowTheBall is a website allowing golfers to store their scorecards, learn their handicap, and analyze their game

The Quest for 20 Scorecards

For years, golfers have struggled with the ultimate task of accumulating the required pile of 20 legible scorecards in order to calculate their handicap. Even when ambitious golfers do stash away enough scorecards, many suffer from headaches and exhaustion when trying to work the equation. FollowTheBall is here to help. If you are a golfer, you no longer have to worry about building a stock-pile of scorecards or suffer from mathematical migraines. FollowTheBall helps golfers achieve the quest for 20 scorecards and maintain their handicap.

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FollowTheBall invites all golfers, who want to know more about their golf game, to Create Account Now!

Do You Know Your Golf Game?

  • Do you want to learn your handicap?
  • Ever wonder how many birdies you've made?
  • Do want to know your average on par 4's?
  • After completing a round, do you wonder how it compares among other rounds?
If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, FollowTheBall invites you to create an account and get the answers.

Sample of What's Inside

My Scorecard

FollowTheBall's My Scorecard section displays round totals for the front & back nine, averages the number of shots taken on Par3, Par4, & Par5 holes, and totals your EAG, BIR, PAR, BOG, 2BOG, 3+ holes.