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APRIL  23 

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How Do I Download the Fonts?

Once you have found the font of your choice, click on the font image. A 'File Download' dialog box should appear. Select 'Save this file to disk.' Download the file to your hard drive. After download is complete, double-click the new font icon. This should start the unzipping process. If you do not have an unzipping program, download one of the web's most popular 'zip' programs from Once the font is unzipped, you will want to place the font in your computer's font directory (C:/WINNT/FONTS).
Total Fonts in database:   1158
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Random Samples
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Vanishing Girl
download zip file
download zip file
download zip file
My Pager
download zip file
download zip file
Alien League
download zip file
download zip file
Ranger Rays Rocketeers
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